About Agency

Detective Agency M.G has been established in 2003 year, just after the moment when in Poland there was introduced a directive about Detective Profession Act. Detective Agency MG is one of the biggest firms, embracing qualified team of employees, leaded by Officer Marc Gzik, a graduate of Officer Police Academy who spent approximately 20 years working in Police in which he achieved officer rank and was a head of police department in Lodz.

For 7 years we have gained professional experienced mainly in matrimonial investigations and detecting taps. The great majority of our clients are very satisfied with our services and they appreciate our professionalism and discretion. Because of the awareness of the importance of the newest and technologically advanced devices in our profession, we have made a great number of investments in our Detective Agency. Consequently, we can be proud of our strong technological base.

On account of the fact that our Agency is one of the biggest detective agencies in Poland, we are able to provide services in each city in Poland and in the majority of countries in Eastern Europe.

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Detektyw - MG Marek Gzik | 93-530 Łódź I.Paderewskiego 3 lok.8 | tel. kom. +48 0-501-472-649 | skype: detektyw-mg | e-mail: biuro@detektyw-mg.pl